A clowncar named insurrection.

Hey you,

So, right off the bat I have to give you an apology: this post isn’t entirely just for you. As is my right as a fledgling blogger, I’m taking to the pulpit for my own catarsis as opposed to providing you content. Hopefully it still is … entertaining to you at least. But if not, well, I actually am sorry – its been a shitty day for most of the people I’m interacting with (online or not) and you probably don’t deserve to have your time wasted, but I’m trying to get my writing reps in regardless.

I’ll say this, primarily and most importantly, about today: black lives matter. That’s what this whole thing is really about, so I’ll just reiterate it: black lives matter. Obfuscations will be common in the days and years to come marking this event, but as long as it needs to be reiterated let’s just reiterate it whenever they try to lie about this day: black lives matter.

After that, I’m mostly of three minds: 1. I’m furious. 2. I’m kinda creeped out and 3. I’m not surprised at all. Lets go point by point.

  1. The country that I’m a citizen of is undoubtedly more of an embarassment by the day. As someone who actually wants to be able to interact peacefully – as an individual and as a member of a nation that I grow increasingly less inclined to align myself with – with the rest of the world, to maybe engage in normal everday things like commerce and social interaction and scientific pursuits with other countries, it’s events like a sizeable swarm of white nationalist Trump supporters taking over the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. after being incited by the sitting President of the United States because he can’t accept that he lost the election that further informs me that those everyday events will be much, much more difficult. Whose really going to A. take us seriously or B. want to take the risk of investing long term in a country that would willfully allow such parties to be in charge for any amount of time?
  2. Donald Trump really called his supporters “special”, like they were his wayward grandchildren who had come to papa with a hand drawn platypus just for him an it was oh so beautiful. That asshole then said that ‘we’ love them; which ‘we’ is he speaking of? Not one that’s including me, nor anyone else that I know of.
  3. White people get away with awful, evil, and truly bizarre shit all the time: why wouldn’t they just surround, break into, and then steal from our so hallowed halls of government? What has shown them in the past that they aren’t able to get away with shit like this? What are we really doing to show that they won’t get away with it now? Having the National Guard arrive late to mace the fleeing minority of them after their noble leader patted them on the head and sent them on their way?

I am trying so hard not to be a cynic nowadays, but I think it just comes naturally to me, especially around the functioning of this country. I used to be really into ‘politics’, so I watched a lot of 24-hour news in my teens. I knew the names of more senators and congresspeople than most my age did, which is not to say a lot but enough to be annoyed and eventually, rather quickly, very jaded with the whole process.

I never believed in the sacredness or pompous importance that many people who are really, really into politics holds our elected officials to. Not to say that I think they should be kept to a low standard: I just don’t think most people are capable of the task that the modern politician was supposedly put to. Integrity, honesty, altruism: these aren’t the types of people I’ve seen elected for the most part.

Have you? I mean, who looks at Lindsay Graham or Mitch Mc-Douchebag-Connell and thinks those things apply to them? I’d name some democrats I think are not up to snuff either (like Tulsi Gabbard, but she lost [and for good reason]), but I’m really not interested in shitting on anyone other than those who are members of the political party that fostered, incited and invigorated with glee the toddling dipshits who took over what should have been the most secure building on the fucking planet in less than an hour.

What am I really supposed to think here? At what point do we stop passing the potato back to the assholes who chuck it at our head and laugh like hyenas when it concusses us? At what point do we call these fuckers clowns to their faces and demand of them that they put on their big red shoes, waddle back into their tiny cars and drive offstage for the rest of eternity? I only suggest that because I doubt that we’ll prosecute them for anything – that is if it can even be done – and in reality it’s probably a more likely, more useful result than any we’d get from one of the failsafes we put into place to keep this shit from happening in the first place.

I’ve been talking with my partner all day about it. Despite our certainties and experiences in this country, over these past four years, neither of us knows what exactly is going on. I’m kind of appauled by the people going on TV trying to spin this whole thing. I spent the latter half of my day boucing from one YouTube Live stream to another, trying to find the newest info instead of the most gossipy sensationalism. I didn’t even bother with Fox (because why would I). I’m further appauled by the fact that, when all is said and done, more people were able to slink away from D.C. under the cover of the setting sun and back into their homes across Suburbia, U.S.A. where tomorrow, for the most part, they’ll be amongst us either working or being actively unemployed or (if we’re lucky) they’ll be fired for being caught on camera not wearing a mask when they tried to seige the capital.

I know this was disjointed, and if you don’t like politics, well, you came to the wrong blog on the wrong day, pal. No matter. Tell me your thoughts if you want. If not, just keep your head on a swivel and stay safe. Better yet, just stay inside and wear a mask.



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