Reaching out.

Sorry its been so long.

I’m trying to figure out a way to be creative for cash in the shorter term – as in maybe a year turnaround time to be making some (of course not all, but maybe a quarter) of my income through those means. I know the pursuit of the arts as a career is long and arduous by design – I’m not complaining about that although complaints I do have. I’m trying to figure out how, in this landscape of independent contracting being a very likely future for most of the less-mainstream arts, what exactly I can do. Not only that, but also things that I would want to do, because if I’m going to be scraping each dollar I’m getting from the communal bucket of the gig economy I think doing something that I am both good at and interested in will make that process more fluid.

I’m an actor an a writer. The former truly does live by the saying of being a dime a dozen and the latter – well, I’d say it’s far more open ended who is a writer and who is not, so while not so plentiful and disposable as being an actor is, there are certainly a lot more people waiting to fit into the shoes than there are shoes to be had. I’m not talking about the being a writer as a kind of identity as much as I am talking about it as a profession. I feel like those are unarguably different things, since you can say you are a writer if you don’t make your living wage from it and be right, but you can’t really call yourself a professional writer unless you’re making some sort of material compensation from it.

As a profession it’s also very open to interpretation for a pursuit that is essentially practiced the same world round with modifications and tweak to a rather rudimentary task of representing thoughts as symbols put to surface. There are fiction writers and non fiction writers, copy writers and advertisers, technical manual writers and social media people – those are obviously ones that are just the closest to my surface thoughts now, but the idea is that there are many different applications.

I’m what I would call a creative writer as opposed to a technical writer. I make stories based off of a liberal arts understanding of the world, whereas others have specific information pertaining to doing/knowing/understanding a subject that they are able to relay through the written word. I’m kinda jealous of technical writers in this regard: they essentially have a box to work within – a certain amount of information that is available to be explained. In one way it’s limiting, but in the other you at least know what you’re working with. I have a box of my own to work in, but it’s basically whatever the limit of my knowledge as a whole lies and how I can utilize it to tell my make-em-ups, which is less than I would like.

I’m feeling like I’m missing something. Like I should should know or be an expert on one or several hard, factual things at this point in my life. I am having a difficult time nailing down what those things are besides Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 edition rules and knowing how to start multiple creative projects. I have things I would like to know: some pop culture stuff, maybe how to use some creative computer programs, a language I’d like to be fluent in by the time I’m forty-ish. But really I want two things: 1.) to write and produce fictional stories and 2.) to have technical knowledge on something that, if civilization collapsed tomorrow, I’d be ready to help start a new one right off the bat. What that knowledge is I don’t know, but I would be interested in hearing what people think would be some valuable ones. I live in a city, so I was thinking maybe to start studying bicycle mechanics.

Let me know if you have any thoughts.



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