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  • Achievement locked.
    The first video game I remember seeing was Super Mario Bros. 3. It was the early nineties – maybe ’93, so the game was technically old by then. My sister and my mother played it but I just watched: I was too scared. I’d be lying if I said I remembered why, and guessing in … Continue reading Achievement locked.
  • The pan has gotten dry.
    Finances are a big struggle. Not in getting money, mind you – I’m lucky enough to have a WFH gig that provides me a fine amount of income (at least enough to pay my bills, a $600 a semester Spanish class every four months, and some other odds and ends). It’s in the actual spending … Continue reading The pan has gotten dry.
  • You get what you need.
    I’ve been struggling with meditation lately. I use the Headspace app, which is good, and Andy does a good job leading the exercises. I don’t know what’s driving my restlessness when I’m sitting, but it’s there throughout the entire thing. I feel better after the practice, even with the judging that is going on, and … Continue reading You get what you need.
  • The commonplace problem.
    I’m definitely a New Years resolution type of person. I really get pumped making lists, which is fortunate considering that that is considered a very healthy outlet for anxiety and other mental ailment. I understand that that makes me a special kind of dweeb. I’m starting to feel more defiant about my nerdiness than I … Continue reading The commonplace problem.
  • The waking hours end.
    I’m always writing out goals for myself. Every day for the last seven months I’ve entered a minimum of three of them in my bullet journal, then I rewrite them onto a sticky note that is dated and includes a short sentence long intention for the day that sits beside my work computer as I … Continue reading The waking hours end.